Pre-order the California Bicycle Special License Plate for your California registered car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle.

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The decision was made to stop selling the BFAHC license plate due to the impact of COVID-19 on sales. Individuals who pre-ordered the plate will receive a full refund, less a three percent service fee. Personalized license plate holders will receive $103.00 and regular sequential plate holders will receive $50.00. We ask that you please be patient, as the process will take up to 30-business days. Please see the Clabikeplate.com FAQ page for complete details, https://calbikeplate.com/faq/

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), along with the Friends of the Bike Plate, would like to thank who purchased the BFAHC license plate. We know that your decision to purchase a license plate was made in part to help us support cycling programs throughout California.

The website https://calbikeplate.com/ will continue to be active with information on bike initiatives. The newsletter will be published every other month. To sign up for the newsletter, go to the BFAHC website https://calbikeplate.com/ and click on the red subscribe button to our newsletter. CDPH and the Friends of the Bike Plate hope you will continue to support cycling initiatives in your communities. Please visit the website to find out more information.

Please send email inquiries to CABikePlate@cdph.ca.gov

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