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For personalized and personalized exchanges only. When plates are ready, you will be notified by mail and your plate will be sent to your local DMV or AAA Office. Sequential plates will be mailed to the address the DMV has on file.

Note: Only AAA members can use AAA offices to pick up their plates.
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Personalized Your Plate
For personalized plates, write characters in the boxes as you wish them to appear on the license plate. Clarify letters and numbers by writing the number "one" as "1" and write the letter "i" as "I". The number zero may not be used. Indicate full space with asterisk "*" and a slash "/" for a half-space. Special characters like the heart, star, hand, or plus sign that can be used on the Kids License Plate CANNOT be on the CA Bicycle Special License Plate. The plate meaning MUST be indicated on the application. DMV has the right to refuse any combination of letters and/or numbers for any of the following reason(s): it could be considered offensive to good taste and decency in any language or slang term, it substitutes letters for numbers or vice versa (e.g. ROBERT/RO8ERT) to look like another personalized plate, or it conflicts with any regular license plate series issued. You can search for personalized plate availability by going to DMV's website and entering the configuration in their Special Interest License Plate Ordering System at (However, even if currently available, it may not be available when these pre-paid applications are processed so please fill in all three choices and include meanings for each.)
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